American roulette


Choose your table with the limit you require, than ask the dealer for the chips you would like to play with.


That will be your own colour of non-value chips, which cannot be moved from table to table. Place your chips to cover your chosen numbers -on the top of other chips if it is necessary- until the dealer calls "No more bets". The ball will stay still in a numbered slot and this is the winning number. Losing bets will be cleared; all chips connected to the winning number will then be paid.

On the tables there are some bets accepted that are derived from the verbal bets of French Roulette. These are the wheel section bets and the neighbour bets, which are a method of covering various sections of the wheel. (VOISINS, ORPHANS, TIER, ZERO SPIEL, GIOCCO). When leaving the table, you must change your chips into value chips.


The Roulette wheels used in the Casino Win Győr are the same type as those used all over Europe, with a single zero. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about Roulette, please ask our Casino Management or staff, and they will be happy to assist you..




A 1 numbers 35-1 F 12 numbers 2-1
B 2 numbers 17-1 (colums& dozens)
C 3 numbers 11-1 G even chances 1-1
D 4 numbers 8-1 (red, black, even, odd)
E 6 numbers 5-1 (high & low)


In the case of zero, even chances are halved. Minimums and maximums are displayed at each table.